Delerium Tremens


Trembling madness
Of benzodiazepines, class psychoactive drugs
Sedative, hypnotic and amnesic – relax
Colloquially, the DTs
The rapid reduction in my intake
Flow of barbiturates that once kept me tranquilized
Habitual, excessive, drinking them dry
Visions of insects that live in my veins
“The shakes”, “The Horrors”, “Rum Fits”, “Shaking Delirium”
Cause of downregulation
Acting negative feedback
High pulse and rate of breathing
Tremors making me hate this
Altered sensorium
Users and the all used up
Acute ethanol withdrawal
Progresses as formication
Shaking, beginning to scratch more
Most extreme paranoia
Maximus haloucinosis
Mortality fading in contrast
Cause of downregulation
Active negative feedback
Schizophrenia, uncontrollable tremors
Heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia
Break your back to stand up straight
The weight of your woes erased
Extremities have now been reached
By bouts of anxiety
Automaticity an impulse on its own
Adrenergic Storm!
Adrenergic Storm!
Can’t take back this worthless existence…
Which shall be seen…
Like pulling teeth for answers…
Which shall be seen…
Like a pissed off child you begged me…
Nothing achieved…
Left for dead in my Delerium Tremens…
Left for dead…
It’s just a waste of time
When I think everything turns yellow
Content to waste my time
I drag my feet and I lurk in shadows
Symptomatic and supportive
Typically kept sedated
Shades closed and doors are locked
Reduce the risk of relapse
So now I’ll black out
Until I come down
Psycho, discourse
Numb senses
Cocaine, amphetamines
High fevers
Ritalin, Adderall
The Lunesta creeps
Yield to temptations to scratch invariably
Bleeding Skin and Scars of Leprosy
Just making it worse again, convulsions and nervousness
Seizures of hopelessness, I’ve summoned them back again
No Control
Crooked spine and broken back bone
Bitch then sleep… Just fucking die now
You’re thirty years old
Slit your wrists, Waste of life
That’s been wasting my time