By The Righteous Hands


An oath of your vengeance, a ritual movement
Teaching a life of required restitution
"Blood for Blood" - Exacting Repentance
To high degrees of forceful salvation accosting the wrath
Unpardonable sins are destroyed in the flesh
Covenant breaking, the coming of Justice for Kirtland
Enforced by The Righteous Hands
Come now, get your "Blood Atonement"

A Prophet is born, A Messenger of God
A City of Faith and Beauty, Homicide
Fate to Deal Death for God is what you'll find
The Visions of a Prophet, A Massacre Revealed
A Question of Free Will, of Cleansing the Impure
A Vision, Decision, Will trigger the Apocalypse
Jesus will come and Destroy Everything

Mormons and Christians will enjoy The Purity
So I guess that You're Right! - Right?
And We're all just.... FUCKED... FUCK
Lundgren! Think about these things for the rest of your life!
The Rest of Your Life...
In your eyes this revelation to cleanse this world to change direction
This living prophet is a living disease, this is the word of the anarchy

These fucking false Prophets are your sole enemy
So rise and Kill Them for their sins
The Avery Family had to pay - They Disavowed a Cult Belief
You will Lay in a Pit of Your Own Judgment
Jeffery Lundgren - Cleans up The Kirtland Streets
By The "Sword of Laban"