Shake The Spot


Someones Clowning, Drawing crowds, Embracing them with themes
We got The Champ, here comes the DJ and Wesley makes the scene

Involved in Ritual Sodomy - Involved in Gang Rape Porn
He brings the entertainment that You Clowns enjoy
Underneath, my cock runs deep, I'm obsessing - Fucking White Girls
Depravity, a normal day, I have to say - Porno Masters
It must be what they want - Humiliation they deserve
This is ignorance of pride - Lets slit their throats before they're heard

It's all been said - Content to Shake The Spot
The Junkie is back - And he thinks a lot
You can put this to bed - But you can't get caught
You will follow blindly - Content to Shake The Spot
The Truth Behind his Legacy - No Glory to his Sheep
Some might see Atrocities and some might just be Purely Entertained

The Circle now Complete - They all want to be Just Like Wesley
Can't you hear The Melody? - It's Just meant to Confuse you
Your focus is on Debauchery - And the sound of your Voice
The New World you're Discovering - In Interracial Porn