Negating The Omnipotence Of Your So Called Man In The Sky


Looking ahead
I’d want to see your world burn
Look in my head
Certain things I can’t figure out
Lend me your hand
Oh, one who makes the world turn
Tell me your plans
I am so misguided, lost and must not think aloud or on my own

I want to meet God
Spit in his disembodied face
I live in the now
Not imaginary past times
Divine judgment at death
Hypocritical actions of
And forcibly violent

Against others with faith just as blind as their own
Depressed when they compare themselves to God
Love thy neighbors, and thy enemy…
Yet may their blood spill if they preach another name!

Speak Religiously

Talk to me, now successfully negating the omnipotence of your so called man in the sky

He has made people feeble and weak, complasive, fanatical, unreasonable in moral
Valuations, self-loathing; slaves to a system that causes more harm than good
(Mindless fools that use a lack of empirical knowledge to affirm God)

Can we affirm God? Can we do this?

So let’s go chopping off heads
I wouldn’t settle for less
Let’s go chopping off heads
I wouldn’t settle for less than that

I believe I know wrong from right
We seem to forget about the middle ages
Nailing motherfuckers right to boards
Impaling all the men who won’t conform
We will have nothing of pagans
We will have them exterminated
We have the threat eliminated
Your fruit of afterlife now negated

This is the process of the light
This is the progress of a lie

Lucifer’s eyes
This is a hymn
You’re afraid of a mind
Full of knowledge

So you prey on the weak
The ones so lost and hopeless and without family

It’s the money your God needs
Filling the pockets of pastors and preachers molesting our kids