Wake Up Call


I must admit I hate the mornings
I wish that they had never invented it
And skipped straight to the evening bit
It would make much more sense 'cos

Nothing ever happens in the morning
You sit around it can get quite boring for some
And you never get anything done
'Cos you're feeling to bad

I wanna share with you a little problem
I have trouble getting out of bed
I'd rather just sleep instead
Oh God I hate mornings

I have to have at least a cup of coffee
If I haven't, don't bother talking to me
In fact make that two or three
Before you try to approach me

When I do wake up it's never worth it
Cold pizza, beer and fag butts by the bed
There's a battle going on your head
Mornings are so overrated

What I wanna know, what I gotta know
Is why the hell I got up out of bed
When I could be laying in and sleeping instead