All She Ever Wants


Wanna tell you 'bout a girl I know
For this we'll call her Sandy
She's got legs up to her armpits
And her voice is sweet like candy
She's an angel
Head over heels but you can't tell

You know you love her but
You wanna keep your distance
There's just one big problem
And that's her damn persistence
And I know her
It's just one smile bowls you over

And you may well put up a fight
But she's still gonna stay the night
It's all that she ever wants
And then she gets inside your head
You won't remember what you said
It's all that she ever wants
And then she crawls inside your skin
You won't know what a mess you're in
It's all that she ever wants
And no she hasn't got a clue
Of what the hell she wants to do

Well she's not even faithfull
But you don't even blame her
If you were that fine then
You would be the same and
You don't own her
But ask her nicely and she'll show ya

When you first met her
The match was made in heaven
Little did you know
You were the fifth one out of seven
But you still stay there
And you're still acting like you don't care

She's still deciding
What it is she wants to do
But you know that her long term plans
Don't include you
But you're still hoping
It's your special way of coping

She absent minded and
She may forget your name
But your caught up in her
And you love just the same
There's no denying
You know you're getting close to crying

She's inside your head, you won't know what you've said
She's inside your head, you might as well be dead