Best Mate's Girlfriend


I've been thinking about my mate's girlfriend
In a way I shouldn't be
Wondering 'bout the way she'd look
Posing like they do in books
Wearing very little, except maybe a grin
I could bring a bottle her boyfriend I could throttle
And while he's out the way I can jump right in

Wish that I was sleeping with my best mate's girlfriend
I don't wanna go
She want's me to stay
But, my mate is getting in the way

If he'd should go out to the kitchen
That would give me time just to get a kiss in
If he should go to the garage instead
Well that'll give me time to get her into bed
Do it on the double or we'll get into trouble
And he'll make a punching bag outta my head

I'm sure that I've seen her winking
And I'm sure she's thinking what I'm thinking
I'd sure like to get to know her better
Especially what lies beneath that sweater
Fed up of thinking about it in dreams
I wanna know what really lies beneath your jeans