You ever felt like you're gonna chuck up
You try to speak but it comes out mucked up
Well that's just the way she made me feel

I know I shouldn't, no I shouldn't pull her hair
But it's a kids sign of affection
And I still ain't got nowhere

I sat behind her in almost every lesson
She drove me mad with that gingham dress on
And those little ribbons in her hair

She had a brother in the year above her
So I wrote, told him that I bugged her
He got all my stuff stuck in a tree

Yes I confess, I may well be a pest
But I'm not gonna change, so let it go...

She had a brother and he threatened to hit me
So I turned round and ran home quickly
Hid under the stairs for quite a while

I like to remember my days at school
I always was the classroom fool
Best thing about playtime was kiss chase

Yelling swear words with your mates
Not finding out what it meant till it's too late
And you're grounded for the day

Giving your mate's an atomic wedge
Or finding pornos in the hedge
Ringing doorbells and running away