Kid Gone Astray


He waits every evening outside schoolyard gates
Dealing death whoever wants to pay
Hide your tears act much older than your years
Can’t you see it’s building up this way?
Just another kid gone astray

Hey momma, did you know just where your baby’s gone
Do you know she walks the streets at night
Emergency, but you can’t believe just what you see
Read the news it happens every day
Just another kid gone astray

Don’t bite the helping hand
That reaches out to understand
We all need a little time
To put the reason tot he rhyme
Everybody has their day
But sooner or later we’re all gonna stray
Gone astray
Just like a loaded gun, finger on the trigger
And having fun
Nobody’s gonna stand in my way

Don’t lose touch, slip through my hands
And out of reach
Come on back, we’ll work it out someway the stakes are high, but you can’t gamble
With your life can’t you se I need you here today
Just another kid gone astray