Wishing Your Life Away


Locked up, banged up, can’t think for yourself
Twenty-four hours in a ten foot cell
Rights of a prisoner, needs of a dog
Stare at a ceiling, make your peace with God

Night falls, my heart calls
Hours turn to days
Daybreak heartache, looking down in disbelief

I see myself it can’t be me wishing your life away, pray that tomorrow comes
Cry your tears today, yesterday will never come, well, well...

Backed up, jacked up, it’s worse than you think
Thirty long days for one little drink
No hand on the wheel, no foot on the floor
Just walls and a ceiling and a slamming of a cell door

Lights out, the night shout
The days drag on and on
Day breaks my heart aches
No way out there’s no escape
I think this time I’m going crazy
Wishing your life away
Pray that tomorrow comes
Cry your tears today
Yesterday is dead and gone