For Sale


Don't admire the colors today, let it be black and white for a while.
Put off your dreams for another day, you're too busy to hope right now.
Prices falling, standards gone--your price has fallen, you're life's been bought.
You don't need to enjoy this moment when there's vacation to hope for.
You don't live life for excitement, you just live to get by.
Sell your life for nothing in return,
there's no money you can earn to rebuild bridges that you've burned.
You can own it, you can own it all.
Possess everything but yourself.
Send away for tomorrow, then open your mail that's never there.
A life that breaks more than it builds, and leaves you bored and unfulfilled.
A life that takes more than it gives.
A life that I don't want to live.
A life that thinks it knows it all, as it drives itself into a wall.
You can't sustain/maintain this life...