A Conversation


People and their ways, filling up their days
but then what am I doing?
sharing the same days, looking for new ways
but then what are they doing?
lost underneath what I think I should be
I bet you feel the same weight
or maybe not
all I can do is make a guess after all
so I guess the right answer
and fit the peg into the right slot for me
and I guess you're unfulfilled and frustrated with your TV
looking deeper into the screen
seeing only shallow reflections of your life going by
looking back at you
and I guess you're telling yourself about a great tomorrow
pushing off what you want
until you can just get X, Y, and Z out of the way
the sun will rise just the same tomrorow
but will you?
time takes its toll
and i guess you say its not that bad
the day is over, home awaits anxiously
sitting right next to home friday finds itself on your door step again
has it already been a week?
hold your breath some more, keep waiting
i've giving up on trying to understand
i guess you're not that different from me
but we're worlds apart