No matter how many suffered nights I surpass
I just can’t forget you
That day you tell me that we would separate
I couldn’t leave to realize that this was false

Again, I have the sensation that I would like to know 
I think about go until you, that time. You seem to 
reject me
One more time I think about a future to each other
I wish I could back as soon as I extend my hand

(The truth is always in my heart and it’s a tender 

I end up waking up of a deep dream
Now I’m waking here
The fact that I can’t love me is like handcuffs my 
Now I’m searching for the key
How much more I’ll believe?
How much more I’ll fight?
Once, this time
Someday, the words that you wanted to tell me
Will go to a town that there is not wind

The time wait for us, I probably will be forget for you
Joining and leaving, the brief days just beginning to 

(The truth is always in my heart and it’s a tender 
(And the truth that he believed has begun to bright)

This morning, I woke too glaring
I star to raise my hand
Transshipping at the palm of my hand, the lost truth 
now shine clearing
How much more I would fight?
How much more I would be hurt?
Once, this time
The times are changing and I’m searching for the lost