Queer Passion


The light shining from the perfectly clear blue sky is 
guiding me The world I saw inside the light
The last people and shapes

Chasing you, who flew away My lonely child
The world I saw at the end of light With you, yearning

Finally the day of leave-taking arrived
Goodbye to the past, pretending not to notice it

You can kill me Let's decorate this beautiful night with 
You can kill me Even if I love, I'm not loved No,kill

I say "I love you" What a strange magic
You say "I love you" You're a magician

The bell of the appointed time is resounding through the 
Goodbye to my heart, pretending not to hear it

You can kill me Am I the only different one?
You can kill me I sing a praise of the world I'm yearning 

You can kill me My most beloved person is getting 
You can kill me One drop on the cheek follows No,kill