It happened on an ordinary day Constant dizziness and 
confusion A broken toy for incomplete you
Inside my head, splitting apart I repeat to myself 
selfish words and lies
Blinding haze Tomorrow with you on the bench in the 
garden At 3 p.m. Don't be late

Our clasped hands fading away Creating a nightmare 
colored with sorrow
That hateful voice and reckless consciousness I love 
future Ashes

I'm always alone I don't even feel my loneliness
I'm always alone I could endure it for your sake
I'm always alone Even though the world keeps on turning
I'm always alone Tonight it's all in your hands

You told me you won't come here
Tomorrow at 3 p.m. at this bench I'll be waiting for 
Constant dizziness and confusion A broken toy in my 
hand I'm running towards you

You never come Today at this place again
You never come With a beautiful bouquet
You never come It's the time we promised to meet
You never come Until this life dries away

I don't care if you doubt me Tomorrow morning I will 
disappear In your hand

In the spring when the cherry petals are falling...