The Red Revolution

116 Clique

This is a movement
Red, Red

This is a movement
To get you moving
Right now
On a hunt for 100 proof men
For the ones in the Son set free from sin
Not bound by their religion or their pigment
Skin color, cause that don't make them your brother
So you shouldn't judge a book by its cover
Instead be led and live for the Father
See Red is the model because He bled for us partner
If this is true then what this means, is
You should do exactly what He preached
And, see the world through the lens of Christ
Extend love to everyone who wants to live this life
And lets go

Red (oh), Red (oh)
This is a movement to get you moving
Red (oh), Red (oh)
The color of a Christian, this is Red Revolution

Yes sir (yes sir)
I peep the sin of men 
Because of different melanin they never let us in
And so what (so what)
It doesn't matter if he's different
We should learn to love him
Especially the Christian, I mean
Look at Jesus walking on the sea of Galilee
Just so He could reach the Gentiles, like you and me
And that sea
Guaranteed to keep Gentiles from where the Jews lived but
Jesus used it as a bridge
And walked on it
So it's time to walk hommie
For the Christian this love should be more than talk hommie
But a lifestyle, right now
If you seeking change
Then seek Jesus name and say this mane

This is a movement
For improvement
Reconcile relationships that's been ruined, yeah!
Got black, got brown, got white
Got fam across the globe because we all got Christ
Indwelled by the Spirit so now we all got light
They don't label me with colors, they just say that boy bright
I used to think black power, black thought, black owned
And then your boy blacked out, when I saw that throne
The issue's dead cause He bled
I once considered race over faith but now Christ is head
I used to lead but now I'm lead
I used to scream revolution but now I scream, RED!