This is my Heart

116 Clique

Yeah, this is the testimony of our conscience (This is my heart)
That in holiness and Godly sincerity
Not in flesh and wisdom have we been above reproach
Especially, towards you, 2nd Corinthians baby.

This is my heart upon the letter, I had a burden since the last time we were together
The God of comfort will comfort me and comfort others, a suffering shouldn’t keep us from loving on our brothers
We had a sentence of death within ourselves, but God gave comfort and grace and gave an escape
A physical affliction is that of Christ’s glory
It’s for us to relate and share in faith
Have not my conduct with you, been above reproach
And those who question my heart, they’re pretty much a joke (that they are)
Reaffirm your love through unconditional acts
Be forgiven and restore the sinning man back
To those in Christ we are the aroma of life
But, the aroma of death to the perishing type (ok)
Do we need you to commend our works? (no we don’t)
Have we not been there to heal your hurt? (yes we have)
Our recommendations is that your souls be redeemed
You’re being transformed into the image of the King
They want you vial, condemned in the dark
But you received the spirit and it’s written on your heart
But thanks to God man (this is my heart upon the letter)
Who always leads us in triumphs in Christ
Manifest through us the sweet aroma of knowledge in him
For we are not like many, we do not pet on the word of God
But from sincerity
But as from God we speak in Christ and the sight of God
Yeah we will reaffirm our love towards you (this is my heart upon the letter)
Yo (this is the heart of a minister)

Renounce the hidden things because of the shame
It’s sad cuz I wanna do this because of the fame
And they say that are message is veil
That’s because they’ve been blinded with the passions of hell (that’s sad man)
We hold his treasure in Earth in well (by his grace)
So we can be crushed and not despair (still by his grace)
We relate in the body with his death so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our flesh
The pain on Earth, yes it brings out an urgency (yes it does)
Not to be compared with our glory for eternity (never will it be)
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not boasting in I,
I’d rather die, than be in the presence of Adonai
But we are now, as Ambassadors on the earth
For on this world, our embassy is the Church

Don’t take in vain, the grace of him who received us
And do not be bound together with unbelievers
(come on baby)
Give them no reason to discredit your worth
For what fellowship does the world have with the Church? (not at all)
Hold no grudge, we can not spare to rot in it
If this song leads to repentance then glory to God
Yeah man

The momentary light of affliction is producing in us an eternal weight of glory, far beyond all comparison
(this is my heart upon the letter)
For I say I’d rather to be absent from the body then to be at home with the Lord (this is my heart upon the letter)
For we must all appear at judgment seat of Christ
So that each one may be recommenced for his deeds in the body according to what he’s done on the Earth (this is my heart upon the letter)
Whether good or bad, show ourselves to prove
(this is the heart of a minister)
Let’s go

I have comfort hearing a view in your repentant
But let not these teachers hinder you when u given
Churches are eager to help in ways that are for natural
My prayer is that you would eagerly follow their example
I boasted of your readiness for a year
Give him your heart and not the pressure of your peers
They say I’m bold in letter, meek in face
If I begin to boast, I boast in grace
If they can boast, then I can boast in position
If they can boast, then I can boast in tradition
I can boast on my physical condition
Stoned and beaten but to God’s glory my affliction
I can also begin to boast in division the glory of paradise, which I saw with precision (this is my heart)
But if I saw the vision then God made a decision to put a thorn in my side but his grace is sufficient
So if I’m unimpressive it’s for the glory of the Lord
Me being humble is the whole purpose of the thorn
And if you want evidence of my power in the Son
Next time I come, I will not spare anyone
Test yourselves, to see if you are of the faith
Cuz a runner knows he’s runnin’ if that run is in the race
Finally brothers be complete and like-minded
The love and peace of God will keep us united

For he said my grace is sufficient for you (this is my heart upon the letter)
For power is perfected in weakness
And I’d rather boast about my weakness (this is my heart upon the letter)
And let the power of Christ may dwell in me
I mean whether in weakness, insult or stress whatever, persecution it doesn’t matter (this is my heart upon the letter)
For when I am weak he is strong
And I become foolish for yourselves compel me, actually, I should have been commended by you
(this is the heart of a minister)

Yeah I feel the need to commend myself
I just boast in the grace of God
For it is sufficient (Minister, Minister, Minister..)
That’s all I got to say
This is my heart upon the letter