My City

116 Clique

My City, My City, My City
My City, My City, My City
My City, My City, My City
My City, My City, My City

Let me tell you bout my city Lord homie,
As if you ain't read',
Where the practice black magic
And speak to the dead (speak to the dead)
Minds fried like bleach to the head
From the stuff being preached by the Greeks if you read'
Our main attraction is our main distraction
Thanks for asking, actually I can't stand her
Who is she? She draws every man and every woman
From every land to her temple of Diana (it's true)
She's regarded as a sacred goddess (sacred goddess)
One of the, seven wonders of the world (of the world)
It's obvious that Christ dismiss this in my city
To worship her, mini – breasted mommy looking girl
C'mon under the Romans my city is free
So you can only imagine the things that's goin' on
It's crazy, that's why
Believers here in Ephesus
Have no choice but to cling to the throne

So you can just imagine (My City, My City, My City)
All that crazy stuff going on outside in the world
And then we got this false teachers comin' up in the church
(My City, My City, My City)
Teachin' all kind of crazy stuff like
You can't get married, and you can only eat certain types of foods
(My City, My City, My City)
And it was just bringin' a lot of division within the body, you know what I'm sayin'
(My City, My City, My City)

When we got the letter from Paul my dog was locked in chains
This is the means by which the doctrine came
All the teachin', explainin' the gospel man
For me the apostle Paul, written all the saints
In Ephesus, he started off with some defininish
Songs explicitly was written for Christians
He made it plain, it wasn't a plan B
He predestined to save, a portion of humanity
Through his own son, for his own glory
Through his son's blood, said he was praying for us
That our eyes would see the hope of the call
The riches of glory, his inheritance he has in us all
Said we was saved by grace through faith
Faith's a gift, so faith don grace
Enlight of that we shouldn't live like we used to
It's crucial that we don't do what we used to do

So when we go the letter, we just learning all about the gospel (My City, My City, My City)
And how the Lord chose us before the foundation of the world
That we should be holy and without blame before him in love, you know what I'm sayin'
(My City, My City, My City)
And it just made us appreciate what he's done
(My City, My City, My City)
And we ought to just live that out in our everyday life, you know what I'm sayin'
(My City, My City, My City)

It blessed my heart to read how to God revealed to Paul this mystery (good news)
How we were far from God with no peace
We can't lie, dog we've been filed (been filed)
Cats might even know us as Gentiles
In other words we are not Jewish
Still be dead in our sin if God did not do this (do what?)
Tear down the wall between Jews and Gentiles
Praise God now, I can be his child
Now we can walk in unity with no more beef
And keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace
And share our gifts as we edify one another
No harsh joking, being corrupt, lyin' on each other
Putting off the old man, and puttin' on the new
In our marriages, families, even on our jobs
The new nature, affecting every area of our lives
The whole armors apply, cause we soldiers for God
(Soldiers for God)

And the most beautiful thing is
(My City, My City, My City)
That all people can be saved because of Jesus Christ
And that's what was rockin' us, you know what I'm sayin'
(My City, My City, My City)
That we just thinkin' about how that mystery has been revealed
(My City, My City, My City)
Even cats in the Old Testament didn't understand
That's good news man
(My City, My City, My City)
And we just lettin' it affect our whole life
Marriages, our jobs, just practically livin' out what the Lord has done through his son Jesus Christ
Now we puttin' on the whole armor of God as we resist the wilds of the devil
And the Lord just rocked us through this letter, you know what I'm sayin' (know what I'm sayin')