Limits To Love

'Til Tuesday

We've known her ever since she was a kid
She was the kind of girl who repeats her mistakes
Her parents never minded what she did
She was a fallen angel with dirt on her face
But past a certain point she stayed behind
The two of us could never read her mind
The million ways she had of killing time

So we just gave up
Yeah we just gave up
'Cause sometimes, you know
There's limits to love

We'd get impatient with her now and then 
Oh, she'd smile and say, 'now you're not being nice.'
I guess her definition of a friend 
Was someone long on love, and short on advice 
We gave her money but the money's bad 
She took the dollars and just tore them in half 
We got so angry, we just had to laugh 


She'll get in trouble but she will scrape through 
Oh, she's the kind of girl who can always find help 
I'd say she's stupid, but it'd be untrue 
Oh, you've got to be smart if you're fooling yourself
We tried to love her, but our love unwound 
(So our love was weak)
We talked about her when she wasn't around 
(So our talk was cheap)
And still we felt that we were letting her down 


Sometimes you know
There's limits to love