They're Coming Back


Here we go again. 
It seems the lesson to be learned is lost again. 
Just remember this. 
You gave your life away for one moment of bliss. 
Take your precious time. 
You've got your things to do and honey I've got mine. 
Think 'bout what I said, 
‘cause you'll have no time for regrets when you are dead. 

What more can I do? 
It seems you always bite off more than you can chew. 
Well, it's time to spit it out. 
You need to understand what living's all about. 

Your confessions, your obsessions, 
They're coming back to haunt you now. 
Sex for sale, your betrayals 
They're coming back to haunt you now. 

They're coming back, yeah they're coming back. 
Yeah, they're coming back to haunt you now (2x) 
Get ready. 

How far can you go 
Before you reach the bottom and there's no below? 
‘cause you, you're almost there. 
Can't you feel the ground below you start to twist and tear? 
Take me by the hand. 
You're drowning in the water reaching for the sand. 
I'm the one who's burned. 
I guess we'll keep on going till this lesson's learned.