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Rock Star

Miley Cyrus

   D                     Ami
1. Sometimes I walk a little faster
   In the school hallway
   Just to get next to you
   D                    Ami
   Some days I spend a little extra
   Time in the morning
   Dress to impress you

X: Guess you dont notice
   Guess you dont need this
   Emi                   G  Ami
   Sad you're not seein what you're missin'
   Emi  G
   On the outside shyin away
   Ami  C
   On the inside dyin to say

R: Im unusual
   Not so typical
   Emi                              G  Ami
   Way too smart to be waiting around
   Tai chi practices
   Snowboard champion
   Emi                 G  Ami
   I could fix the flat on your car
   G  D
   I might even be a rock star
   G                          Emi
   I might even be a rock star

2. Sometimes I wish when the phone rings
   That it would be you
   Saying let's hang out
   Then you confess
   That there's something special between us
   Why don't we find out

X: But you don't know me
   Guess you don't need me
   Why you're not seein' what you're missin'
   On the outside shyin' away
   On the inside dyin' to say

R: Im unusual...

   Ami                         Emi  Ami
*: If you only knew the real me
   G  D
   I might even be a rock star
   Ami  Emi  Ami
   I'm telling you that we are meant to be
   Emi                          Ami  G
   Now wouldn't it be nice if you could see
   That I really am a rock star 

R: Im unusual...
   G                        Emi
   Cuz i´m really a rock star
    G                        Ami
   Cuz i´m really a rock star