This Fire

(həd) p.e.

You can't fight it 
No! You can never win 

So stop tryin 
This light will keep burnin 

I fear nothing 
I like to feel the pain 

Your eyes crying 
The spirit will remain 

This fire will burn - Forever light up the night of nights 

This fire will burn - I'm all dressed up - I'm ready to fight 

This fire will burn - Let's Go! I'm tired of fuckin around 

This fire will burn - The masters house right to the ground 

Through pain and sickness 
We will rise again 

In moments of weakness 
The spark will never end 

This is a promise 
We will never fail 

End what you started 
The family will prevail 

This fire will burn... 

This little light of mine 
I'm gonna let it shine