(həd) p.e.

This a takeover 
So get your hands up 
For the power and the pussy 
We don't givafuk about haters like you 
I seen it all my life 
Still I get up - Stand up - Don't give up the fight!! 
I'ma bitch slap pop these mothafuckas in they mouth 
So step up bitch 
Cuz I'm fed up with these fake ass pussies 
No rest - Never let up 

Boom - How you like me now? 

You bite my flow, my lyrix, my hooks, my style 
But unh!! 
Nigga I stay buckwild, cuz I don't DGAF about you 
No! You will never take away the heart that beats 
And the black flag that wave 
The heart of the streets - That's me 
But you gay - You so gay you like emo gotdamnit 
Bitch! Pussy! It's a crime - It's a shame 
You not a Juggalo! 
You a lie! You so lame! 
This a family 
From Detroit to LA 
And we DGAF about shit 

This a takeover... 

I'm a monsta 
Baby I devour 
Your ass - That face - That pussy 

I got the power to make your pussy flower 
I stay hard for hours 
I rock that vagina 
Go home and take a shower mommy 

I'm a take, break - Rape this 90 pounder 
I grab her by the throat, rope, choke hold and pound her 
Just how she like it 
I bite it - Ride it - The write about it 

When I'm done - I pull it out she put it in her mouth 
I let her climb aboard 
Cuz she's my little whore 
I let her drink it up 
Cuz she's my little slut 
She like to dress up 
When I'm inside she flex it up 
She DGAF about shit! 

This a takeover! 

It's all over 
It's all fucking over... 

Can we begin again?