Get Em Up

(həd) p.e.

Right now every soldier get up, stand up, fall in
This is your last chance, this means war

Get em up, get em up
West side get em up
Get em up, get em ep
East side get em up
Get em up, get em up
North side get em up
South side get em up
This is a revolution

We don't give a fuck
We got this all tied up

My clique is down for the crown
So fire it up, so fire it up

Now it's on (now it's on) let's go (let's go)
Subnoize now you know (now you know)
You a pussy (you a pussy) little clown (little clown)
You a hater but you can't hold me down (hold me down)

No, i don't give a fuck about you faggots, i'm rockin
I'm a soldier, i thought i told you bitches this my house
Come on, you see how we did it, you get it revolution
We did it, disasterbation, bitches this my house

What does it all mean? what does it all bring?
In the end not a fucking thing