Wassup man?
It's Ghost
I'm seeing colors all surrounding me
I'm going under, Oh no
Somebody's drowning me
I wake up, oh fuck
It's just a wet dream
About this one girl
But she's my pet peeve
Instead of getting pussy - I'd just rather get cheese
Uh and other people think so differently
Let's just get this money
Make things more simply
I'm not the type of guy for sympathy
But we're ahead of physics
This shit is chemistry
You trynna match a half?
I call that symmetry
I am such a mystery
And yo girl just loves when I'm in her
Because she's into me
Yeah and that just goes so fluently
Like the liquid droppin' off from that LSD
Me an rap it's just meant to be
And mentally physically presently
I'll be here for centuries
& My raps are heavenly
And weighing so heavily
On everyone ahead of me
I am not an actor like these rappers they pretend to be
But I intend to be
The man that I am
So currently I see that I'm just fine where I stand
I'm just getting fire head
With some fire in hand
And I've had it up to hear with these laws and shit man
And I just wanna live a rappers life
Getting money fuckin' bitches and just livin' right
Put in work every night
Man I won't hardly sleep
But I know that's alright
And so everywhere I go it's a party to me
And a party to me
Is like gin with some trees
And some a bitch givin' head to my team
Yeah so come and run with me
You just gotta know that we blessed
So everyone is free