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Die Happy

It´s ticking in my head
Whne you try to explain what love is
It´s getting on my nerves
When you make a lame excuse

Every single minute with you
Feels like hours
Still, I just can´t seem to leave

I know you for sure

Hysteria - is rising in my veins
Hysteria - you´re making me insane
I´m serious
I´ll shut your mouth for good

It´s ticking in my head
When you put your 
face on
I don´t give a damn
If you hide behind a smile

Can´t believe you did it
And still your head is higher
I don´t wanna know what´s going on
When you sleep

Going down I´m waiting for tomorrow
Hardest surface digging under
Should I be really waiting for tomorrow
No more reason to go on