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Genuine Venus

Die Happy

She is walking down the street
Oh my god, she is so sweet
Can you really trust your eyes
Milk and honey, milk and honey

She´s got those supermodel legs
She´d be the bacon on your eggs
There´s nothing you want more, than no
Spend your money, throw your money

Away - away
She´ll stay
As long as you want to pay

She´s gorgeous
She´s the genuine venus
Just like a  Marylin
And you know you´d do
Anything, anything

You´ re a star she is your satellite
You´ re the man and she´s
your shining light
Like a diamond in the sky

She comes to you and says: Hello !
Don´t I know you from before ?
Do you wanna take me home ! ?
She wants your money, wants your money

Look at her pearl necklace teeth
A warning you don´t wanna see
Is she directly form hell ?
She wants your money, take your money

Come on - Let´s dance
Come on - Angel face