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Breathe On Me


A stranger's face that I have never seen
but on photographs
but on tv screens
Your songs of romance ringing in my ear
you are all I see
You are all I hear
Your eyes met mine
Just one split second and I knew tonight
Yes you can be my solitary man
I’ll be your girl named Joy
Yes I’ll be all you need and more

Breathe on me, breathe on me
Light my way, bring me back to life
Breathe on me, breathe on me
Fill me up, make me feel alive
My heart is black my soul is bleeding
Give me something to believe in
Breathe on me

Trying to stay cool as I’m approaching you
hitching up my skirt
as I start to flirt
My nervous is breathing when I’m close to you
I can’t help but being
breathless over you
Who needs the stars
You are my only star tonight
Who needs the moon
When you are my loverman
Until the bitter end
I’ll do all I can and more

And call me the wild rose