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Spanish Harlem Incident

Bob Dylan

   G             C     G
1. Gypsy gal,the hands of Harlem 
                   C         G
   Cannot hold you to its heat  
                          C   G
   Your temperature`s too hot for taming,  
                     C                G
   Your flaming feet burn up the street. 
   C    G
   I am homeless,come and take me  
                      C       G
   Into reach of your ratling drums. 
   C                 G
   Let me know,babe, about my fortune
         C    G  C           G
   Down along my restless palms. 
2. Gypsy gal,you got me swallowed,  
   I have fallen far beneath  
   Your pearly eyes,so fast an` slashing,  
   An` your flashing diamond teeth.  
   The night is pitch black,come an` make my  
   Pale face fit into place,ah,please!  
   Let me know,babe,I got to know,babe,  
   If it`s you my lifeline trace.   
3. I been wond`rin` all about me  
   Ever since I seen you there.  
   On the cliffs of your wildcat charms I`m riding.  
   I know I`m `round you but I don`t know where.  
   You have slayed me,you have made me,  
   I got to laugh halfways off my heels.  
   I got to know,babe,will I be touching you  
   So I can tell if I`m really real.

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