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Ballad Of Hollis Brown

Bob Dylan

 (celá píseň)

/:Hollis Brown he lived on the ouside of town:/
With his wife and five children and his cabin fallin` down.

/:You looked for work and money and you walked a rugged mile:/
Your children are so hungry that they don`t know how to smile.

/:Your baby`s eyes look crazy, they are a-tuggin` at your sleeve:/
You walk the floor and wonder why with every breath you breath.

/:The rats have got your flour, bad blood it got your mare:/
If there`s anyone that knows, is there anyone that cares?

/:You prayed to the Lord above Oh, please send you a friend:/
Your empty pockets tell you that you ain`t a-got no friend.

/:Your babies are crying louder, it`s pounding on your brain:/
You wife`s screams are stabbin` you like the dirty drivin` rain.

/:Your grass it is turning black, there`s no water in your well:/
You spent your last long dollar on seven shotgun shells.

/:Way out in the wilderness, a cold coyote calls:/
Your eyes fix on the shotgun that`s hangin` on the wall.

/:Your brain is a-bleedin` and your legs can`t seem to stand:/
Your eyes fix on the shotgun that you`re holdin` in your hand.

/:There`s seven breezes a-blowin` all around the cabin door:/
Seven shots ring out, like the ocean`s pounding roar.

/:There`s seven people dead on South Dakota farm:/
Somewhere in the distance there`s seven new people born.

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