Feeling Hot (Hot Ddugo) (Ingles)


(Verse 1) 
You don't need to be a man to see what we look like 
In our music there is oviously rap and tunes 
If we can keep this up forever 
Sometimes we'll just talk,and sometimes shake our heads to the beat 
(Feel Good) 
It all makes our blood run hotter 
Our music (Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
Jeans which hang low 
And chains which reach as low as my bare belly button 
A hat which is so big it covers my face 
Shoes which are often scuffed up 
Afro corn Roll like a Doorag under my hood 
I am Hip Hop, that's my style from head to toe 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 

(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
I won't rest as my heart 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
My red-hot youth 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
The MIC which I'm holding here in my hand 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) * 2 

(Verse 2) 
So many pretty young ladies 
I fall in love with them all today too and chackout their figures 
Is that nose real? Or is it the result of surgery? 
In the past in this world it was the country girl that came out on top 
That smile makes me laugh 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
You all, you all act so rash all the time 
I'm a knock out, take care 
In your head, your mind it is so hot you'll erupt like a volcano 
If you ask I'll give it to you Dirty Dirty 
I can't sleep 
Like a gentle lion I stroke your hair and ask to go to your house 
Its so much a part of the Korean man's nature 
(Feels so Hot, Feels so Hot Hot ) 
Listen to me, we made this place 
Now listen to my rap too 
This song here feels so Hot 

(HOOK * 2) 

(Verse 3) 
yo! I am the perfect illustration of youth 
Saturday night always feels so Hot, feels so Hot 
High up in the sky the sun feels so, so, so Hot 
The stage is full of heat 
Feels so Hot, Teed 
Feels so Hot, Danny feels so Hot 
I'm living and breathing and I can't stop 
My dreams feel so, so Hot 

(HOOK * 2)