Curse Or Cure


The sound of money the sound of pain
Made me start thinking I'm better off insane
She's so tired that she hardly speaks 
You can tell she lost her one true love
So now we write each other back and forth
Just to find some meaning in the girl

These hurtful words these hurtful names
I know that you planned it out this way
Can't stop thinking that you broke my mind
Yeah I kissed him one did it all the time
Please baby you're scaring me now

I knew I'd end up letting you down

Was it worth it now with your hands in your pockets?
You're crying out I am nothing without this
You know you're just a kid with nothing up ahead
So for years and years our tears and lies
You'll break your heart almost everytime
But when you fall you get back up
Cuz in the end you will be loved
Be loved