Maybe I'm a little distant 
Lost deep in poetry and rhyme 
Sometimes love defies expression 
Can't find the words 
Can't get 'em out 
Sometimes I wanna tell you how I'd be 
Without you sleeping by my side tonight 

I'd be counting scars 
So here I am, no words to fight with 
Naked in the open 
Baring my soul for you to see 
I know at times that 
I frustrate you 
I don't mean to 
Without your love 
I'd rather die 

Sometimes the world seems dark and grey 
And I would wither without your shining light 

I'd be counting scars 

To live without your love would surely tear me apart 
And I would sooner be a prisoner than a millionaire 
And see you walk away 
Yeah I'd sooner be expired than alone 

I'd be counting scars 
Your mama said you'd better leave