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Unhappy Girl

The Doors

Cmi           B
Girl, unhappy girl
Cmi       B
Left all alone
Cmi         B
Playing solitaire
        Cmi            B
Playing warden to your soul
        Cmi         B
You are locked in a prison
       Cmi  B   Cmi
Of your own device

R: And you can't believe
           Fmi       Bmi7
   What it does to me
   To see you crying

Unhappy girl
Tear your web away
Saw thru all your bars
Melt your cell today
You are caught in a prison
Of your own device

Cmi B Cmi B Cmi As Cmi G7 Cmi

Unhappy girl
Fly fast away
Don't miss your chance
To swim in mystery
You are dying in a prison