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The Books

And I see
The hold-out boy and the weather girl,
know the wind moves in a patient way
Like a two-decade day

The man in the mouth of a drain
Laughing and chewing erasers
Like a black dog in the snow

Write in relief and sleep again 
and you cant believe your eyes 
and you cant find your pen 
and the man in the hole 
is your new friend's friend

Symmetrical foot in your mouth
and your high speed legs
Your knee-jerks a mark of distinction
It's an elevator put-on

Count your dollar, only one
and count it again
one one one
You can't count it when your dead, no
You keep a pure nose
Write in relief and sleep again 
and you get in the hole, 
with your new friend's friend 
and he cant believe his eyes 
and he can't find his pen 

And the meteorological man
With a whirl-wind girl
And a mote in the sun
And a squid in a bag
And a raccoon hat
And a talking plant 
And a careful goat
In a sewer system shaft