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Luck's In

Steve Winwood

Some people get lonely
While some people get blue
But nobody can tell you
Just what you should do

Somebody is laughing
Somebody is crying
While one child is born
There's somebody dying

You hold the key
In the palm of your hand, my love
And it seems to me
There ain't no sense in cryin' in heaven above

There's something about you
I don't know what you got
You and me girl
We're gonna give it a shot

Feel my luck's in
I feel like I'm flying
I don't want to see
Nobody crying

If you saw my love
Then you'd know what I mean
She's the only one
That makes this world like a dream

I think it's amazing just
What you can do
When somebody wants you
And their love is true

Hot love is a fire
And you can get burned
I once was cryin'
Now my luck's turned

Luck's in