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Let Me Make Something in Your Life

Steve Winwood

Sometimes it's hard to express what you feel
While trying to say the things that are real
I don't wanna fight for fighting just brings pain
Just wanna hold you in my loving arms again

R: Let me see the sunrise shining in your eyes
   Taste the winds and feel blue skies
   I've heard all I can tell all your troubles and strife
   Let me make something Let me make something in your life

Sometimes I catch myself talking loud
While others I get lost in a crowd
Then all my thoughts is being scared and get lost
Cause I paid for my freedom too high a cost

R: (2x)

I've been so lonely and I've been so blue
Now without you, there's nothing I can do
Why can't we try and make amends?
We used to be good friends, why?
I don't want to lose you
We don't have to say goodbye.