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Bahama Mama

Marty Robbins

Once when I was on shore liberty, 
On the tropic little island of Bimini
I go to bar where lights are bright; 
Calypso music everything all right.

Beautiful woman do a dance, 
Do the Limbo, put me in a trance.
I say, "Man, what her name be?"
He say, "Bahama mama, and she wild and free."

Lonely was I from many days at sea; 
I wanted this woman who was wild and free.
Say, Bahama mama, Limbo with me?
She work me over like Hurricane Shirley.

Drink much rum, get me in a fight, 
Sailor hit me on head, out go lights.
When I came to, guess what I see?
Bahama mama, and she kissing me.

Bahama mama now tell me she love me; 
Her beauty and the rum make me feel dizzy.
From look on her face, I can see
Bahama Mama not belong to me.

Bahama mama do a dance when
She do the Limbo, put me in a trance.
I lucky man, everyone would say; 
Bahama mama claim lover today.

Never ever more will I go to sea; 
Bahama mama and me will soon marry.
We gonna do everything up right; 
Bahama mama gonna love me day and night

Pretty soon, then, there'll be three:
Bahama mama, little baby and me; 
I so happy, hard to b'lieve
Bahama mama now belong to me.