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Let's Go Dancing

Joan Armatrading

I want to say "I love you"
But I don't know how 
I want to say "I need you" 
But I don't know how 
If I said "Would you love me?" 
Could you?

I want to feel you breathing 
Your body next to mine 
Let me hear your heart beat 
Let me hold your hand 
If I said "Let's go dancing"
Would you?

Feel in my mind 
You want me 
But some friend told you 
I'm no good 
No good 
She's no good, no good 
See by your eyes 
I've touched you 
I've touched you deep down inside 
No need for words inside

Come with me
Let's go romancing 
Let's go out dancing 
Let's go romancing 
All night long