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Gogol Bordello

My birth I can hardly remember
But I remember from the start
My midwives looking at each other
"Wow, this boy is born with singing heart"

All doors for him will now fly open
For everybody loves a nut
It's true once they threw me in trenches
Front line amigos sure love that

Malandro, Malandro, Malandrino
Truffaldo, Truffaldo, Truffaldino
Malandro, Malandro, Malandrino
I was born with singing heart

Those midwives were like politicians
To bickering they were so proud
One said "life is beautiful gift, boy"
Other one said "government loan"

I still don't know which one is right girl
And you know I don't really care
I got to keep my heart a-singing
And for that anything I'll dare

Oh, for that anything, anything I'll dare???????????????????????????????????????
and make-up sex