A Million Miles Away

Daniel Schuhmacher

Why oh why
Is honesty a curse?
And this a secret even worse?
Oh I oh I
Am I so afraid of Love?
Just cause I was unlucky once...

Though I can count the scares
They'll heal sometime
And if I could find the courage
We'd be fine

I don't wanna wait forever
I just wanna take this moment
And tell you sunlight's in my heart today
I don't wanna waste a second
Time is precious
Soon it's over
When you're alone
Here's is what I wanna say:

Love ain't a million miles
it ain't a million miles away

Why oh why
Is there a pain behind those yes
You wear a pretty thin disguise
If I
Could try
To tell you how I feel
Would you laugh
Or make this real?

Though I can get so close
I change my mind
oh just take one more step
I'd close the line

It ain't a million miles away
It ain't a million miles away