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Swag, throwing b's up
I got my gat and I'm throwing b's up
I'm throwing b's up, smoking trees up
She top me, then I leave her
I'm blood gang I be throw b's up
Them diamonds in my chain put them c's up
Seazy I throw a b's b
Blood gang pistols knock down tree tree

What I'm doing, smoking tree tree
Getting that knee knee
With a thot name Kiki, her nigga wanna be me
I'm throwing that bibi bullet fine like Lil Bibby
Watching my chain go bling bling, this shit like Lil Peepee
Almighty Sosa Big Glo, made that boss shit look easy
Say you wanna catch me though if you walk in you won't see me
Pull up playin' repo takin' every nigga I'm seeing
What I ain't I'll never be, what I am I'm being

These choppas knocks down trees trees
Choppas knock down heads and knees knees and feet, feet
Shooting up feet, feet
We shootin' targets we don't shoot no teetee
I'm too turnt, bitch I'm TT
We know drama just like TnT
It's no comparin' he and me
Up this gun shoot his ass, cause it's he or me