Jackie Sixty

Black Box Recorder

It's hardly in my nature boy
I think my star is rising
Caught like a rabbit in the glare of the lights
Oh, what a beautiful carve up
And if my mother's ghost could see me now
Staring down at my pillow
Moisturized and tranquilized
Oh, what a beautiful carve up

Save me, save me
Save me from Jackie Sixty
Take me, take me
Take me to the top of the world

Walk into a room, snap a thousand spines
Head into the cubicle, float back into the room
Break a thousand hearts, tear them all to pieces
Another grand entrance, another grand exit
You look lost, I'll show you around
I've seen you before are you someone important?
Walked into the room, there was a minor indisgression
Smash my fist through a plate glass window

This isn't mother nature boy
Stripped naked and frightened
The only reason that you're here
Is because you've been invited