Beckah Shae

(I realize Lord, Your connections are divine Lord, and 
for mothers, thank you for choosing mine, for, every 
time I think about how truly blessed I am to have her, 
my eyes begin to water, so proud to be her daughter, I 
can't imagine life without her, but I always know no 
matter, how alone I may feel, I'll make it through, 
because the greatest hope she gave me was You, so Lord, 
first and foremost I just wanna say thank you)
Late night lullabies
Eskimo kisses before saying goodbye, prayers before 
Crying out Lord send your angels to never leave her 
And I remember all those things like they're a part of 
And without them momma, I don't know where I'd be
Because you were my inspiration
And I'm filled with admiration
For you, because, you could never give enough
Your selflessness, expressed to me true love
And everything I see in you is a reflection from above
I've watched your ways and I must say that I'm thankful
No one else could ever take your place
You are so beautiful
You sacrificed yourself for me
Believed in me
You mean the world to me
And all I can say is
Momma, I'm grateful
Working two jobs as a single mom
But always right there by my side
Even though you were gone
I know you had some struggles of your own to take
And some poor choices, you did make
But you need to know that can never change who I am
I am who I am because of the love that you gave
And all those times when I was away
You were my warrior
Through all the rough times I saw you pray
My faith grew stronger
And all of those times you told me to sing
From my heart
Songs fell from the stars
And I praise God for who you are