I Will Not Forget

Beckah Shae

I will not forget you, your fragile
body that was slain
I will not forget you, the sacrifice of
blood you gave
I will not forget you, and how your faithfulness remains
I wil not forget you, and how your love keeps me amazed
Oh, there have been days when I thought I might crumble
When I was too weak to climb, feeling so empty inside
I thought I might find the answers in my own strength
In my own way of doing things
But all that led to was insecurity and pain
Disappointment, embarrassment, regret and shame
Oh and I knew that all my efforts had
All been in vain
you said, take this bread and cup
In remembrace of my eternal love
My grace will always be enough
Oh, how could I ever have missed it
An opportunity to get to know more of you?
For all you desire is to commune
And remind me of your truth, Hallelujah!
Now all that's left is, my whole heart and devotion
The least I could give to you my King, my portion
So I choose this day, to meet you here with all
My praise