Beckah Shae

So I woke up in the morning
with only one word on my mind
It was given to me in my sleep
and I knew I just had to find
The meaning,the answer
The reason for this mystery
Oh, and I knew it came from you
Cause I felt this overwhelming peace

You said I am a Crown of Splendor!
You said I am a Royal Diadem in your hand!

Youve called me Hephzibah
Youve called me Hephzibah
Im no longer forsaken,Oh but to know!
That you delight in me,And you call me Hephzibah

So I was once desperately
insecure and desolate
With damaged dignity
In all my sins and faults and bruises

Trying to find my beauty
seemed impossible to me
Till you came and took my shame
And dressed me up in your Glory

What magnificent exchange
Youve adorned me with Your name
Your beauty for my sin
And here I stand not just forgiven
But dressed in royalty
as you rejoice over me
As a bridegroom for His bride
Now I can see you and how you really see me