Barren Earth

The Earth machine
Like water in your breath
My solid tears
Before the silent death
I say your name
And flow inside the storm
It's much too late
The distant woods deform
Understand me as I lay down my law
Breaking through all that you missed
Comprehend us until I close the door
Framing my dreams
The pressure hates
Your shadow on the snow
You slow the moon
And breathe the icy glow
It calls me back
To die within the heat, eleven eyes
Can't hear the worlds retreat
Fooling my heart when the moment has died
Scorching your skin from the deep
Grant me the rain and the radiant pride
Pulsing like my infant sleep
Hailing the sun, burning our past
We'll be undone, run
Take my hand
Make it glow, Understand.
See my eyes
In the light, as it dies