Sky opens wide – after life – paradise 
 Waters of earth – covered with flames 
 Time is burned 

 You start to see it – what we`ve become 
 Careless creatures 
 Hiding in the dark from sun 

 When we`ll see it 
 We`re disappearing 
 New lies cover our eyes 

 Deep inside – I know we still can find 
 We`re all divine 
 The mind must now awake 
 Forget the lost mistake 
 The one we should not make 

 If thunder strikes 
 And flaming raindrops 
 Are falling from the sky 
 The rain will never dry 

 Blood competitions 
 And careless decisions 
 By praising this nonsense 
 Our soul slowly dies 

 Light – from heaven – do we deserve 
 Light – to follow – and to preserve 
 Light – from heaven – away from things 
 Light – fallow – we lose our wings