The Old Guard


Black sun's troopers are still marching on
Through the path of glory covered
Covered by blood
Warriors of evil coming in arms:
Kill and burn your brothers!
It's our duty to stand up
And it's our aim to shout and fight
To defend this ground and breed
Till the last alive

All around the old guard comes and stands
All around Heavy-Metal souls
Feel your souls to rise
Rise when the guard is near
We'll keep alive - We'll keep the faith alive!
Heavy-Metal spirits all around
Keep the faith alive

We keep the faith alive
Ever on the run
We keep the faith alive
Wild sons of a fighting life
After the storm we'll stand
We'll stand together side by side
On the never ending path
Of our glorious lifes

As flying eagles we'll reach the sun
With our bloody guns
And then we'll shoot for fun
Beware: keep on and on the run
Now we've got our aim:
All as one to shout and fight
To defend this ground and race
As the last