Dot's Quiet Time


I love cheap, romance, horror
Thriller novels, quiet

All I want is quiet
No reason to deny it
I can't take that riot
Quiet, quiet, quiet

Let me clarify it
The noise, I can't defy it
I simply will not buy it
Give me quiet, quiet, quiet

Now, to nullify it
I just won't stand by it
It's time now to bye-bye it
I want quiet, quiet, quiet

I want quiet, quiet, quiet
This urge, I can't deny it
To find some peace and quiet
I'll search both low and high it
Must be quiet, quiet, quiet

Ah, such peace, such joy

I said, quiet, quiet, quiet
Yoo, hoo, aah, hmm
(Yoo, hoo, yoo, hoo)

Gee, it's so quiet
Too quiet, terribly quiet
Awfully quiet, augh
(Augh, augh)

I thought, I wanted quiet
I thought, I could apply it
But now that I have tried it
I'm sick and tired of quiet

Hee, hee, hee, hee